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Open seats at EasyMandarin [August]
Author: From: Date:2019-8-9 Hits:975

We are going to open new classes for beginner, intermediate and HSK5 .

(1)Beginner one:  7:00~9:00p.m (twice a week)

(2)Intermediate one :  7:00~9:00p.m (twice a week)

(3)HSK level5 : 2:00~4:00p.m  (twice a week)

Right now there are still some seats available to join as below:

Beginner one

(1)Tue. Thur. Fri. 10:00~12:00 a.m

  Beginner three

(1)Tue. Thur.  10:00~12:00a.m

Intermediate one  

(1)Wed. Fri. 1:00~3:00p.m 

Intermediate two

(1)Mon.Wed.Fri. 10:00~12:00a.m

Intermediate three

(1)Mon.Wed.Fri. 10:00~12:00a.m

Kids group class level two

(1)Mon.Wed. 5:00~6:00pm

We provide  individual and group classes ( 5 students maximum ) of various courses, Oral Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Characters, and HSK Preparation, from beginner level up to advanced level.

Please call/Wechat Ruby to have a demo class or for more information 15960846080

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