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Students  gave a speech in Mandarin!
Author: From: Date:2018-11-6 Hits:1857

  Jack, from Poland.He is smart and works hard to learn Chinese. 

He lives in China for two years. Likes drinking tea and eating 

Chinese food! He gave a fantastic mandarin speech yesterday. 

In the speech, he introduced us about the weather, culture and 

food in Poland, making people want to taste Polish dumplings!

Hope you make more progress in Chinese .

   Cuba's sunshine mommy Doris, She is beautiful and generous lady . 

She brings  lots of fun to the class . she is a painter, very fond of

 Chinese painting, She also loves Xiamen culture . She introduced us  

her family, has a lovely daughter. Chinese in a little difficult, but 

very interesting, hope you continue to learn happily!

  Ale ,A handsome Italian Bello,His company send him to learn 

Chinese in Xiamen . We are very happy to see that he  is motivated 

to learn Chinese , puts a lot of effort to learn mandarin .  In this 

mandarin speech he shared us how to make  Spaghetti, goo job ! 

  Arvin, a overseas Chinese man come from Philippines, He can 

speak Minnan dialect (Southern Fujian) and English very well.

 In his Chinese speech, he introduces his family. We hope he 

can speak Mandarin as good as his Minnan dialect soon.

We believe you can do it !

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