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EasyMandarin Chinese New Year Party!
Author: From: Date:2017-1-24 Hits:1666

Chinese new year is coming! We prepared spring rolls, dumplings and red envelopes to celebrate it in EasyMandarin!

No. 1  Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are quite popular in China. Today let's take a look at the Minnan(the South of Fujian province) spring rolls. Since the wrapper and filling are prepared, before you eat it, the only thing you need to do is just put the filling inside the wrapper and make a roll. It tastes so good that almost everyone loves it.

No.2  Dumplings

In order to teach foreign students to make real dumplings instead of just wrapping them, we invited a friend from the North of China to show how to knead the dough and make the wrapper. The colorful juice is from vegetables which are spinach, carrot and purple cabbage.

Scott is kneading the dough

Rolling the wrapper

Wrapping the dumpling

Time for eating!

No. 3  Red Envelopes

The most exciting part is getting the lucky money. Wish you all a lucky 2017 with the lucky money!

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