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xiamen easymandarin Chinese Character Courses

The course contains 4 levels which is total of 120 lessons and 30 lessons in each level.

The students will learn how to recognize Chinese Character. The teacher will take advantage of the regular of configuration to help students remember Chinese Character, especially will use the components which indicate their meaning and pronunciation. After the course, the students can learn Chinese Characters through association and analogy.

The students will learn how to write Chinese Character. The teacher will analyze the structure of each character, and focus its origin to help the students make up a distinct perception. After the course, the students can write basic and staple characters.

The course emphasizes the relationship between the meaning of characters and words. In the course, the students not only study characters, but also learn the words or sentences related with the character, which makes the students understand the character better.

Learning Strategy of character is focused in the course. The teacher will use mnemonics of repeating in circle to help students to memorize and learn more characters.

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